5 Reasons Why Outsourcing IT Services Makes Sense in the Era of COVID-19

The cybersecurity landscape in Toronto, Ontario, is changing rapidly, with more people than ever working remotely due to COVID-19. While the managed IT and cybersecurity industries are ready to adapt to these changes, many small to medium-sized businesses aren't taking their digital output as seriously as they need to in the current economic landscape.

Due to the shortage of cybersecurity specialists in the greater Toronto area, outsourcing cybersecurity and managed IT is a highly practical solution. You get an entire team of experts working on these crucial aspects of your business for the cost of a single employee. Read on to discover six reasons why outsourcing IT services is the best option in a post-coronavirus world.

1. Get a Strategy in Place

The main advantage of working with an organization whose core competency is IT managed services is their solid knowledge and understanding of what works and what doesn't. Most operations require a strategy for implementing the new technology that's necessary as working from home has become more widespread since COVID-19.

You shouldn't take strategic decision-making lightly, especially when it comes to complex software and hardware systems. An outsourced, technically minded and qualified workforce can provide you with strategic insight, per-project consultancy and management of your Toronto business's IT services.

2. Stand Out Above the Competition

Another major benefit of outsourced IT is the high-tech capabilities of a specialist team. Whether it's new technologies that your current team isn't able to handle or you need to take on a number of time-sensitive projects because of expansion, Haycor Computer Solutions can help.

By outsourcing IT support, you can speed up the growth of your small business considerably, at a much cheaper cost than hiring an entire department of specialists. By implementing the latest technology and making the most of it, your business will stand out head and shoulders above your competitors in Canada.

3. Keep Security and Compliance Up to Date

Keeping on top of compliance regulations is essential to protect vital data such as credit card numbers, client data and anything else that could potentially lead to a data breach. You must make sure your firewall is up to date at all times and carry out server and workstation audits regularly. Furthermore, software systems need constant monitoring to ensure that all licenses are current and that users comply with the regulations specific to those tools.

4. Free Up IT to Focus on Core Business

If your current tech team is focused on the health of your computers, day-to-day maintenance and data backups, they might be wasting time that could be spent implementing new technologies. Freeing up internal resources is a huge reason to outsource IT services because it allows your company to focus on strategic goals and increases the productivity of your IT department.

In particular, your current team will be able to focus on money-makers such as improving the customer experience, establishing new business processes, creating apps and incorporating innovative tech into your operation.

5. Slash Costs

The financial advantages of outsourcing cybersecurity, IT managed services and IT in Toronto are self-evident. You lower the costs of hiring, insurance, training, employee benefits and retirement plans. An outsourced team has an extensive knowledge base and can offer you unparalleled insight into ways you can use certain strategies to save money. Because they work with multiple clients, you benefit from their experience — past and present.

Outsource Your IT Services in Toronto, Canada

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