Managed IT Support Services for Marketing & PR Agencies

Managed IT Support Services for Marketing & PR Agencies

Haycor Computer Solutions provides IT services and IT support for marketing & PR firms in Toronto, Vaughan and York Region.

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Managed IT Services for Marketing Agencies

Marketing and PR companies depend on technology to meet client needs quickly. Marketing is a competitive industry, so slow and unreliable technology is bad for business. Clients that outsource their marketing expect quick turnaround times. When a marketing company can’t deliver as promised, clients will find another marketing firm for the job. Regardless of the size of a MSP marketing agency, reliable IT is a must — which is why Haycor is the firm that businesses call when they need efficient and reliable IT services. Inbound marketing strategies can’t work as designed when technology is unreliable. With Haycor as your managed service provider, marketing doesn’t have to be challenging for your company.

Managed IT Services

Haycor is a managed services provider and industry leader among IT and software development companies, with professionals who can assess your IT needs, recommend updates and maintain your network so you can concentrate on your clients. Whether your MSP marketing agency specializes in content marketing, lead generation or email marketing, our managed services help keep your marketing efforts on track.


Enterprise Solutions

Keeping up with IT can be challenging for MSP marketing companies that lack the funds for specialized IT staff. Haycor’s Enterprise Solutions helps marketing businesses keep their IT functions running smoothly. It’s difficult to know how many IT professionals a marketing company should employ because IT needs often change. When operations run smoothly, there may be IT staff who have little or no work. When problems arise, there may not be enough IT staff to address issues. Having too few or too many IT staff can be costly. We provide the expertise you need when you need it.

Haycor’s Enterprise Solutions will be there when your marketing business is ready to move to the next level. Scalable IT solutions work with a MSP marketing company of any size. When the need arises for more IT capacity, you can count on Haycor’s Enterprise Solutions to ensure your IT keeps up with the demand. You won’t need to hire more IT experts because our IT staff will be ready to go to work for you.


A digital marketing agency should expect cyberthreats. Individuals will attempt to hack into the system, send phishing emails and employ stealth methods to steal information. When cybercriminals attack a marketing company’s servers, clients and customers are left vulnerable to security breaches. Remote staff computers can also be susceptible to security threats that put a marketing company’s system at risk. We can evaluate your network security risks and offer solutions to protect your system. Some of the protections we put in place include antivirus software, spam filters, encryption and two-factor identification.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

When the unexpected happens, you need your data. Natural disasters, power outages, fires and similar occurrences can leave you in the lurch when you’re unable to access information on your system. We take the worry out of emergency situations that make it challenging to retrieve your information. Our prompt response time allows you to focus on your campaigns. Leave the worries about infrastructure to our team.

Cloud Computing

We offer secure and private cloud services with password encryption in a digital vault. Our cloud service makes it easy for employees in your organization to access, edit, share and upload files from anywhere. We manage and update servers to keep your data secure.


IT Consulting

When you need IT consulting, Haycor is the IT services company to help you with marketing automation, software development, web development and reaching potential customers. Our consulting services provide the support your marketing team needs to keep your business successful and thriving. With us on your team, you can focus your energy on your clients and customers.

Call us today at 905-707-6775 to learn how our expert and prompt IT services and support can help your MSP marketing agency outclass the competition.