IT Support For Construction Firms

Construction IT Services & Support by Haycor Computer Solutions

Technology is an increasingly important component of the construction industry, as it increases efficiency and reduces the risk of errors on projects of all sizes. From machine learning that helps construction professionals make decisions to software that enables firms to accept off-site construction projects, technology has the power to help your construction business grow exponentially. The IT professionals at Haycor Computer Solutions are ready to keep things running smoothly.

Cybersecurity for Construction Firms

Unauthorized access to your IT systems could delay the completion of large projects, damage your reputation and lead to significant financial losses, making cybersecurity planning one of the most important aspects of operating your business. Haycor Computer Solutions helps construction companies in the greater Toronto area with mobile security, malware protection, data privacy, security assessments and network vulnerability scanning, ensuring your firm has the strongest protection in place.

Managed IT Services

As your business grows, managing your IT assets and troubleshooting system issues become more costly and more time-consuming. Haycor Computer Solutions provides a full suite of managed IT services to construction companies in Vaughan and the York region, eliminating the need to hire additional in-house IT staff or divert resources from your latest projects. Our IT experts are available to back up critical data, update your systems, address outages and manage your IT systems, all for less than it would cost you to hire a single IT employee of your own.

Disaster Recovery Services (DRaaS)

If you use IT equipment at multiple sites, your construction firm is especially vulnerable to the effects of disasters. It doesn’t have to be a natural disaster like a tornado or earthquake to cause significant damage, either — it can be something as simple as a broken pipe in your office building or an equipment malfunction at a project site. Protect your construction firm by hiring Haycor Computer Solutions to back up your data and help you recover in the aftermath of a disaster.

Haycor Computer Solutions has just the right solution to your construction IT problems. Our IT experts understand the construction industry and are ready to help firms in the greater Toronto area, including Vaughan and the York region, protect their IT assets and avoid business disruptions. To get started, call Haycor at 905-707-6775 or visit our website.

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