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Haycor Computer Solutions provides IT services and IT support for manufacturing firms in Toronto, Vaughan and York Region.

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Manufacturing IT Services by Haycor Computer Solutions

Technology has completely revolutionized the manufacturing industry, increasing output, reducing waste and helping firms produce innovative products that meet the demands of consumers and business owners. Although technology has many benefits for manufacturers, it can be difficult to maintain computerized manufacturing systems and protect them against external threats. If you’re in the greater Toronto area, Haycor Computer Solutions can help.

Managed IT Services for Manufacturers

System outages lead to lost revenue and production delays, but it can be expensive to hire in-house IT professionals to keep everything running. Haycor Computer Solutions offers managed IT services to manufacturing firms in the greater Toronto area, including Vaughan and the York region. With our managed IT services, you get a team of IT experts to manage your technology, troubleshoot system issues, back up data and provide 24/7/365 technical support in the event of an outage.

Disaster Recovery for Manufacturing Firms

Wildfires, earthquakes and other disasters are becoming more common. If you’re not prepared, one of these disasters could take your manufacturing IT systems off-line for days, resulting in costly production delays. Your IT systems are also vulnerable to damage caused by manufacturing equipment malfunctions, damage to your facility’s plumbing system and other circumstances. Haycor Computer Solutions is ready to back up your critical data, making it much easier to recover from a natural disaster or some other type of damage.

Haycor Computer Solutions has just the right solution to your construction IT problems. Our IT experts understand the construction industry and are ready to help firms in the greater Toronto area, including Vaughan and the York region, protect their IT assets and avoid business disruptions. To get started, call Haycor at 905-707-6775 or visit our website.

Cybersecurity in the Manufacturing Industry

For firms in the greater Toronto area, including businesses in Vaughan and the York region, cybersecurity is a major concern. Without the right defenses in place, your system is vulnerable to unauthorized access, putting your firm’s financial data and customer data at risk. Haycor Computer Solutions uses multiple tools to protect your system and make sure your business complies with all relevant data privacy laws.

IT Consulting

As your business grows, you’re likely to need new computers, servers and other equipment. Making system changes is a complex process that requires a high level of expertise, excellent project management skills and a strategic view of manufacturing IT. Haycor has digital transformation experts available to help you choose the right system components and install them with a minimum amount of disruption to your business.

If you’re ready to upgrade your IT systems, Haycor Computer Solutions has a team of IT experts ready to help. Call us at [va phone phone2="false"] or visit our website to learn more about our services.

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