IT Support For Law Firms in Toronto

Running a law firm requires you to focus on your clients and the cases the firm handles. Determining the firm's managed IT services needs can take away from your other essential duties at the firm.

Haycor Computer Solutions is prepared to step in and handle the IT solutions of your law firm. Our dedicated experts service the greater Toronto market and provide all of Ontario, including York Region and Vaughan, with IT solutions for law firms. When you connect with us, we'll work with you to determine what legal industry IT support your law firm needs.

  • Our Cybersecurity services will keep you PIPEDA-compliant while in possession of strictly confidential client information
  • We provide Cybersecurity Training to ensure your employees have experience identifying potential legal services scams
  • Our Disaster Recovery and Automated Backup services ensure minimal downtown if anything happens to your network, servers and legal documents (from a power outage to ransomware)
  • Our secured Cloud Computing services and cloud solutions provide your law firm with interconnectivity anywhere with minimal risks of data breaches
  • For a fraction of the salary of an IT Executive, you will receive strategic IT Consulting from our most seasoned legal industry IT professional to keep your IT systems aligned with your overarching business strategy
  • You will always speak with a Haycor Solutions employee (No auto attendant)
  • Our responsive and certified technicians will give you the confidence that each ticket and project will be completed with efficiency and provide recommendations for maximum uptime

Focus on Firm Security

Document management was fairly simple, with a lock and key. In the past, legal records and confidential information were physical documents. Now that these files are kept digitally, more advanced measures are required to ensure you're keeping them safe.

Haycor Computer Solutions offers IT services for firms that help keep client information protected. We understand that security for your records is a priority for your firm. Your clients need to know sensitive information is safe and won't fall into the wrong hands.

It isn't enough to set your system's security once and forget about it. Instead, you need to consistently check on your security system to ensure there aren't any weak points. Implementing support services steps that block malware, stop viruses and keep the firewall bolstered help everyone at the firm get their job duties done without issue or worry about cybersecurity.

We can work with you to secure your company's email accounts and put internet browser protections and other IT infrastructure into place. We'll also implement measures to boost cloud storage security for the firm's files to ensure business continuity.

Moving Beyond Data Security

Legal IT support goes beyond just making sure your company's files are secure. Keeping your firm’s software solutions in order is another priority. Many firms start out using specific software that works for a while. When the firm grows and takes on more cases, its software needs may change as well.

Our professionals work hard to ensure the software you use meets your firm’s needs while making your job as easy as possible. As part of our managed services for the legal industry, we’ll assess all the software your business needs and work carefully to ensure you have the upgrades that keep your firm working smoothly and help avoid downtime.

Customized IT Services for Law Firms

When you set an appointment with us to learn about our legal IT support for law firms, we can provide more information about the ways we can improve your firm’s digital security, software and other technology-related matters. You deserve to use the systems and network settings that meet your firm’s needs without overworking you or your employees. We’ll find those and implement them.

Haycor Computer Solutions serves law firms in Vaughan, Toronto, York Region and throughout Ontario, Canada. We have a unique understanding of what legal businesses need to accomplish with their IT management. We’ll quickly evaluate your current systems and discuss upgrades we can implement to benefit your company.

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