What is Smishing in Cyber Security?

A combination of the words SMS and phishing, smishing is a type of cyberattack where the perpetrator sends an enticing text message in hopes of getting the recipient to click on a link.

When successful, smishing attacks let hackers access a user's credentials or other private information.

How a Lack of Cybersecurity Puts Your Business at Risk

Today, businesses of all sizes rely on computers and online services for everything from billing and account management to customer service. Data loss or theft could be catastrophic for those businesses. In spite of these risks, many organizations overlook cybersecurity and business continuity either through a lack of cybersecurity skills or a belief that they're too small to be targeted by hackers.

IT Continuity Planning for Manufacturing Firms

In the manufacturing industry, time is money. Broken equipment, supply chain disruptions and other problems prevent manufacturing companies from meeting their production goals, resulting in lost revenue and reduced customer satisfaction. In some areas, natural disasters are also a major concern, as they can destroy production equipment and impact operations for several weeks.

Cloud Computing for Manufacturing Firms in Ontario

Ontario's manufacturing industry has evolved rapidly by implementing new technology and making many processes more collaborative. Cloud computing has contributed heavily to advancements in the industry, as cloud services make it easier to collaborate, gather real-time performance data and identify manufacturing issues before they cause work stoppages or expensive equipment failures.