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Companies that deal with financial information must ensure they’re only using the most robust and up-to-date technology to ensure all confidential information remains protected. Working with a company that’s familiar with the IT support needs of the financial sector is imperative to be sure the security protocols, software and other components of the system are up to par.

Haycor Computer Solutions has spent more than a decade helping companies by using targeted IT solutions. Accounting firms, CPA offices, wealth management and investment companies, and other financial firms can count on us to provide the managed IT services and support that keep them up and running efficiently and securely.

  • Our Cybersecurity services will keep you compliant with PIPEDA law while possessing strictly confidential financial information
  • We conduct Dark Web Scans and Cybersecurity training sessions to ensure your company’s credentials have not and will never be exposed on the dark web
  • Our Disaster Recovery and Automated Backup services ensures minimal downtown if anything happens to your network and servers (from power outage to ransomware)
  • Our secured Cloud Computing services provide your firm with interconnectivity anywhere with minimal risks of data breaches
  • For a fraction of the salary of an IT Executive, you will receive strategic IT Consulting from our most seasoned IT professional to keep your IT systems aligned with your overarching business strategy
  • You will always speak with a Haycor employee as we answer our phones live (No auto attendant)
  • Our responsive and certified technicians will improve productivity so you can focus less on technology related issues and focus on what you do you best

Cybersecurity Is a Priority

Keeping your customer’s private information secure is a priority. Finance and accounting firms are often the target of hackers and other unscrupulous individuals. Haycor Computer Solutions is poised to help you ensure your cybersecurity protocol is up to date and can combat the latest methods that attempt to breach your security.

The cybersecurity protocol you set is multifaceted and requires you to keep abreast of all the most recent threats. This is a challenging job, especially if you have other tasks to handle at work. Our IT support team takes on this task for you so that you can focus on your other duties. This ensures your customer information remains safe while allowing loan processors, accountants and other employees to focus on customer service instead of trying to handle IT services.

Infrastructure, Software and Cloud-Based Services

You also have to consider the security and functionality of the IT infrastructure and software your company uses. These must be able to grow with your company and keep up with the needs of the business.
Some finance companies employ cloud-based services as part of their regular IT solution.

We can work with you to ensure those meet the stringent security standards that finance and accounting firm customers rely on. We also help you ensure you’re using them in the way that best serves your company.

Because your company is dealing with finances, you have to ensure that all digital files and other information are backed up properly. This is the only way to be sure you can recover this information if there’s ever an e-disaster or natural disaster. The professionals at Haycor Computer Solutions are familiar with backup and disaster recovery, so we can develop a DRaaS plan that keeps your files safe.

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The professionals at Haycor Computer Solutions are prepared to find the solutions that keep your customer information safe. We understand how important it is for you to have hardware that’s ready to get the job done, software to make working on accounts easier, backup and disaster recovery that gives your customers peace of mind and security to protect your customers and your financial company or CPA practice.

Contact us to find out more about the services our company offers that can meet the needs of your financial organization or accounting firm. Our team proudly serves companies throughout Toronto, York Region and Vaughan, ON.

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