Cloud Services for Toronto, Vaughan and York Region Businesses

In today's fast-moving business environment, you need solutions that let your employees collaborate efficiently while accessing the files they need from anywhere. Haycor Computer Solutions is an experienced GTA cloud service provider that can design, implement, manage and maintain a cloud computing services solution that fits your data storage needs. The Haycor Cloud is a sophisticated SaaS cloud platform flexible enough to meet your needs and delivers the performance that can help you achieve your business goals.

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Cloud File Sharing

Share, access, edit, and upload files anywhere — no matter their size — on your secure, private cloud server

MyGlue Cloud Password Keeper

Stores and encrypts all your passwords in a digital vault that cannot be accessed by hackers or compromised by employees’ negligence

Hosted Servers

Our team of experts proactively manage, maintain, update, and secure your data on our cutting-edge servers

Office 365

Online versions of your favorite programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, that allow you to access and work on business files anywhere

Cloud Backup

Keep your data safe and easily recoverable after any natural or man-made disaster

Done-For-You Migrations

We’ll transfer all your data from your servers and workstations securely and quickly

Cloud File Sharing

With our cloud computing solutions, you can upload, edit and access any files from anywhere, no matter what size, mitigating concern of maxing out computing resources. Your employees can share files and work together to improve productivity and better meet the needs of your customers. Our secure web browser-based file environment makes sure your data stays safe and only the people you authorize can see sensitive information. Migrating your files into the Haycor cloud delivers seamless file sharing that will help everyone work more efficiently.

MyGlue Cloud Password Keeper

Your passwords are the keys to your business files, but it can be challenging to keep them completely safe. Simple passwords are easy to remember but also easy to hack. When employees write down complex passwords, that's a different kind of security risk. MyGlue password keeper stores your encrypted passwords in a secure digital vault. Your passwords are recorded but kept out of the hands of hackers. When your passwords are safe, so is your data.

Office 365

We complement placing your data in the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 to give you access to files in the most common business formats. Online applications such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint let your employees view and edit their files from anywhere. Because Microsoft Office is used by many companies and many of the programs support open formats, your employees can collaborate with business partners outside your own company.

Cloud Backup

In addition to major failures that can cause complete loss of large amounts of data, cloud applications can protect against many causes of comparatively minor data loss. Because cloud backup is frequent and can back up versions of documents, human error such as inadvertent modification or deletion of data can be corrected by restoring files from the cloud. Of course, our backup solutions also protect you against major equipment failure or disasters such as fire. You can download your latest backup and rapidly resume operations.

Cloud Migration

We analyze your cloud computing needs, design a cloud solution that will match your operations and migrate your files into our cloud infrastructure quickly and securely. You just have to give us the go-ahead and we take care of everything. Soon your employees will be accessing cloud files from their mobile devices in their cars and from their laptops in their home offices. All file migrations are completely secure and in real-time, and we continue to take care of your data after migration.

Haycor Cloud Benefits

The advantages of cloud storage lie in the increased flexibility of your operations and the improved collaboration that can take place among employees working remotely from each other. Possible benefits of cloud computing include reduced costs, location flexibility and easier business continuity planning since disaster recovery is less of an issue with cloud security. Haycor Computer Solutions estimates that reductions in hardware requirements such as physical servers, software licensing and maintenance add up to cost savings of at least 30%.

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“Haycor Computer Solutions Cloud eliminates the cost of hardware, power, software licensing, setup, support, maintenance, downtime, and adds the benefit of location flexibility and business continuity, resulting in a MINIMUM saving of 30%.”