Cloud Services for Vaughan Businesses

Give your business agility and mobility when your employees can access business files anywhere, anytime, through any internet-connected device

A fast-paced business environment has prompted more and more business leaders to integrate cloud computing into their IT strategy. Haycor Computer Solutions’ Cloud can help your business achieve peak collaboration and flexibility, plus 24/7 support.

Oh, and don’t worry about the implementation, management, and maintenance, because we’ll handle that too!

Cloud File Sharing

Share, access, edit, and upload files anywhere — no matter their size — on your secure, private cloud server

MyGlue Cloud Password Keeper

Stores and encrypts all your passwords in a digital vault that cannot be accessed by hackers or compromised by employees’ negligence

Hosted Servers

Our team of experts proactively manage, maintain, update, and secure your data on our cutting-edge servers

Office 365

Online versions of your favorite programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, that allow you to access and work on business files anywhere

Cloud Backup

Keep your data safe and easily recoverable after any natural or man-made disaster

Done-For-You Migrations

We’ll transfer all your data from your servers and workstations securely and quickly

“Haycor Computer Solutions Cloud eliminates the cost of hardware, power, software licensing, setup, support, maintenance, downtime, and adds the benefit of location flexibility and business continuity, resulting in a MINIMUM saving of 30%.”