Enterprise IT Solutions for Small to Midsize Business

In today's economy, efficient IT solutions are vital to meet business needs, regardless of business size. Processing data, customer relationship management, support services and more are operational mainstays for small and medium-sized businesses. Furthermore, adequate data security measures are more important than ever for small businesses that may not be able to survive a leak.

Since running an in-house IT department is rarely practical for small and growing businesses, most small businesses across many industries are finding the value that managed services have to offer.

These services utilize the power of cloud computing and advanced software solutions to provide IT support for other companies. One business in the IT industry can provide comprehensive, professional IT to many small businesses, delivering the benefits of scale without the costs.

Enterprise IT Services

A traditional business model with in-house IT poses many challenges to a growing business. As a smaller business grows in size, it's difficult to closely scale in-house IT solutions to varied technology support needs. After all, IT employees have to handle issues such as:

  • Managing cyber-threats
  • Disaster recovery
  • Desk support for customers
  • Maintaining in-house systems for day-to-day company activities

Furthermore, the demand for IT support isn't static. A small business that has just a few technology specialists may find itself overstaffed on most days and understaffed at critical moments. Of the other factors that complicate in-house IT support, the impact of changing business size is perhaps the most important.

A company growing beyond small business size will struggle to scale IT capability proportionately with overall business needs. This holds true in any industry, which is the key reason for the boom in demand for managed professional services.

Outsourcing IT service management is an ideal method to meet small business needs and drive growth. One of the key advantages that it brings is dynamic scalability. By using the cloud and independent IT experts, full-service enterprise IT providers can efficiently adapt your resources to your needs. Furthermore, external IT management can help your company save time and meet business goals.

By outsourcing IT, you relieve your small business of all the burdens an IT department carries. Recruiting, long-term IT planning, conducting interviews and operating extensive physical hardware ceases to be necessary. By saving this time, you're more able to focus on important tasks and broader small business operations.

All these benefits add up to make IT outsourcing perhaps the most cost-effective of all technology solutions. However, there are many different types of IT management that companies have to choose from. At Haycor, we can work with you on flexible terms and operate within the model that best suits your business needs.

Outsourcing IT Services

Outsourcing IT is a deployment strategy that involves fully outsourcing your IT needs to an external company. With this type of enterprise IT solution, your company won't necessarily even have an internal IT department, as you'll be offloading some or all capabilities to Haycor.

This has the benefit of freeing your company from all operational responsibilities regarding IT, but it may not make sense if you already have in-house IT support. If you already have IT personnel and resources but struggle with management and long-term planning, then IT managed services may be your ideal solution.

IT Managed Service Provider

The difference between managed IT and outsourcing IT is subtle but important. Rather than focusing on having and deploying IT resources as needed, our team integrates with your own. From there, we handle IT management and operations and offer scaling support, consultation and other resources. However, the IT services are more directly within the bounds of your company and operate with a deeper level of input from your leadership.

Co-Managed IT

Co-managed IT differs from standard managed services because instead of one company operating your IT, multiple vendors share the burdens. Usually, this would look like shared management between Haycor's team and your company. Under a co-managed IT model, your company maintains a greater share of responsibility and day-to-day involvement in your IT operations.

Whereas our team would usually take a leading role in the technology department, we stand as more of a supporting element under this model. If you intend to ultimately operate an independent IT department, co-management is a suitable choice. With our support, you can mitigate scalability challenges and incorporate top expertise to guide and train your new hires.

ERP Consulting

ERP or enterprise resource planning solutions are technically complex and remarkably demanding, which makes implementing them a major hurdle for small businesses. It's particularly challenging when a company has made do with smaller programs but now needs to make the shift to enterprise-level systems.

With Haycor ERP consulting, we can guide you through the transition and offer assistance going forward as you continue using the program. Our enterprise software experts are familiar with all stages of using ERP systems, from initial implementation and periodic upgrading to indefinite support. Reach out to us for the exact type of short-term or long-term ERP consultation your company needs.

Enterprise IT Solutions From Haycor

Haycor Computer Solutions is one of the top companies today offering dynamic, managed tech solutions. Our team can provide comprehensive IT services for your company through the cloud. In doing so, we'll shift resources to you as your demand grows and only charge you for what you need. We can provide numerous services, including but not limited to:

  • Application monitoring/management
  • Helpdesk
  • Email
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Backup and disaster recovery

If you're in the market for IT solutions for midsize businesses, you're in the right place. Reach out to us today to learn more about how a partnership with Haycor can help your company grow and fulfill its goals.