IT Services for Engineering Firms

Engineering firms are some of the heaviest users of information technology. Aside from regular ERP and CRM software, firms in the engineering industry need a system that can run critical design and project management software quickly and smoothly.

Such a system requires enhanced network security to prevent cyberattacks and data loss. Haycor is a managed IT services company in Canada with the tools you need to safeguard your engineering firm's IT infrastructure.

What Does an Engineering Consultant Firm Do?

An engineering consulting firm is the best option for businesses needing IT systems support. An IT consulting firm optimizes your business technology and maintains the systems critical to your company's growth.

Haycor's IT solutions use innovative software to create a unique IT environment for engineering companies. Our managed IT services are adapted to cater to your business's unique demands. We offer the full range of managed IT services, including conducting critical infrastructure upgrades that ensure your systems are secure.

Even before issues arise, proactive support is needed. Our expert professionals deliver outstanding customer service, monitoring your systems full-time to guarantee your business's continued efficiency.

What Is Included in Haycor's Managed IT Services for Engineering Firms?


Haycor's cybersecurity services help valued engineering firm clients maintain their competitive advantage by safeguarding proprietary data from cyber-breaches.

The Haycor IT company offers network security for all internet-enabled devices a business uses. Our in-house antivirus and firewall technology offers fortified security that protects your business technologies from unauthorized third-party access.

We also set up a system-wide intrusion detection system that generates alerts for breach attempts on your infrastructure.
Haycor’s outstanding customer service team has quick response times to these alerts, securing your system against cybersecurity attacks to ensure total peace for peak performance.

Cloud Computing

Engineers need the ability to collaborate in real time and access company information from remote locations. Haycor's in-house cloud solutions go beyond data storage to help clients keep their firm ahead of the competition.

Our cloud computing software services are used extensively by engineering and manufacturing firms in York, Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area. The technology can fully handle the data storage needs of engineering businesses.

Your engineers can access the information from anywhere with no delays. The secure software ensures your files and passwords remain confidential and accessible only to authorized personnel.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

A solid strategy for data loss ensures your firm doesn't lose out if the worst happens. Haycor's data recovery software backs up the data generated across your firm to the cloud every 15 minutes. The software can seamlessly handle storage for a more efficient workflow.

We also offer a simple, step-by-step data recovery procedure in case of a power outage or cyberattack. With help from our IT experts, all your files will be back on the system in no time.

Where Can I Find Reliable IT Support for My Engineering Firm in Canada?

Haycor's proprietary cloud and data recovery software are used by engineering, construction, financial and legal firms in York, Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area. We personalize our IT solutions to match your firm's unique needs and proactively manage system performance to ensure your company maintains an efficient workflow.

We handle system maintenance and lower technology-related costs while ensuring full performance. Our support team provides 24/7 desk support services on demand. We’re so confident in our IT solutions that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Call us today at 905-707-6775 for consulting on how our support company can offer managed IT services for your engineering firm.