Network Security Services

Pretty much every business in the world now relies on computer technology to some extent. While this improves operational efficiency and opens doors to business owners, it also comes with the threat of hackers and data breaches. As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do cybercriminals, meaning your data is at an increased risk.

The experts here at Haycor Computer Solutions take a proactive approach to network security in view of identifying and stopping threats and attacks before they compromise your Toronto company's computer networks.

Why Is Network Security a Priority for Businesses in York?

Issues with cybersecurity are on the rise as businesses' reliance on computer networks continues to increase. While large companies were previously primary targets, now pretty much every organization holds sensitive data that criminals want to get their hands on.

Small and large businesses in the York Region and Vaughan are no longer protected by basic antivirus software. As attacks get more sophisticated, the urgency to have a specialist network security strategy in place grows.

Common Cyberattacks

The IT network security experts at Haycor Computer Solutions can help with an array of issues, including:

  • DDoS attacks
  • Advanced persistent threats
  • Brute force password attacks
  • Insider attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Zero-day attacks

Why Outsource Network Security in Vaughan?

At Haycor, we take a preventive approach to avoid costly and time-consuming firefighting, which is ultimately less effective. Below are some of the reasons we recommend outsourcing network security solutions:

  • An external audit from Haycor puts us in a better position to spot issues with firewall configuration, hardware, software, antivirus systems and other potential vulnerabilities.
  • Catching bad guys online is time-consuming. Focusing your resources on this pursuit won't help your business make money, but outsourcing will.
  • We have a huge database and advanced analytic capabilities to offer in-depth insights into how strong and effective your cybersecurity strategy is.

Reasons to Choose Haycor Computer Solutions

Let's take a look at some of the reasons it makes sense to outsource IT network security to us:

  • We can help you protect your e-commerce website, which is particularly vulnerable to attacks that could be fatal for your business.
  • We develop an end-to-end strategy to implement the necessary security measures to protect your business.
  • We can protect you from inside threats, which are currently on the rise.
  • We'll monitor your company's internet use to identify phishing or fraud.
  • Our team provides training to your team so they're in the know when it comes to viruses, malware and spyware.

Work With Cybersecurity Experts in the Greater Toronto Area

Protect your business's and customers' sensitive data and maintain your excellent reputation in the Greater Toronto Area by working with Haycor Computer Solutions. Get in touch today for more information.