Disaster Recovery IT Services

With a Disaster Recovery Plan from Haycor Computer Solutions, your business can maintain operations in the face of unexpected events. Even in relatively safe areas of the GTA, your business could suffer from fire, flooding from broken pipes or extended power failure due to a blizzard or ice storm. We'll put in place a package of procedures and our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) plan and help you implement it. With DRaaS from Haycor, you can continue to serve your customers when your normal operations are disrupted.

We Conduct a Business Analysis to Identify Your Backup Needs

Businesses generally have common backup needs for data and IT functions, as well as business continuity needs specific to the particular company. Based in Vaughan and active throughout the Greater Toronto Area and York regions, we're familiar with the needs of local businesses. We make sure you can continue to access your data and that your data processing work can continue as well. We then help you identify additional critical business functions you need to continue operations.

Once we know which operations you want to keep going, we can help you identify the equipment and personnel you'll need for seamless business continuity. We can present alternatives and different levels of operations for various disaster scenarios. Working with our disaster recovery specialists, you'll be able to detail exactly how you want your business to continue in the face of specific lost functions or resources.

We Start by Putting in Place Automatic Cloud Backup

Our DRaaS package includes a comprehensive cloud backup system that features frequent backups and version tracking. This means recent versions of files or previous versions can be accessed from anywhere there's an internet connection. In addition to functioning as a business continuity backup, this system lets you recover inadvertently deleted files or files with corrupted data.

We use the cloud backup system for company operations that are already in the cloud and for data from on-site servers that you want cloud backup for. For data you want to keep on-site, we can propose tape backup solutions with off-site storage of regular copies. For functions you may want to migrate to the cloud, we can propose corresponding transition strategies.

We Make Sure Critical Business Functions Continue to Be Available

To ensure you can continue operations if your office infrastructure is damaged, we can arrange for remote backup servers to be used when you need them. Your employees may have to work remotely if your office space isn't accessible. We can help make sure the equipment, functionality and data are available to them as needed for their work.

They'll be able to log into your cloud IT system, work with customer lists, view records and process invoices and payments. Instead of your customers wondering what happened to you, your employees can contact them, advise them of the situation and work on solutions to meet their needs during exceptional circumstances.

We Identify Business Continuity Actions and Key Personnel

Because different unexpected events require different reactions, we help you develop a strategic response to particular situations. Some responses can be automatic, such as a replacement coming online when a server fails. Other responses can be external, such as when we see an IT problem that will impact performance and move to mitigate and correct it. Some responses will have to be taken by you internally, and we'll help you place key personnel in corresponding positions and detail the actions they'll have to take.

For example, if your office space is damaged in a way that renders it unusable, a responsible person from your company will have to contact us and activate the plan that corresponds to the situation. Because we're locally based in the Toronto area, we'll often be familiar with the situation as it develops. We may have to change the functionality of some IT equipment, create new log-ins, add users or carry out similar work. You may have to contact employees with specific instructions. The strategic plan previously put in place will detail how the coordination takes place and what actions each key person has to take.

For small and medium-sized businesses in the Toronto metro, York and Vaughan regions, Haycor Computer Solutions is the ideal partner for DRaaS and other IT solutions. Give us a call at 905-707-6775 to discuss how we can help you with your disaster recovery and IT needs.