Toronto, Ontario, April 16, 2021 — If there's a single key phrase that's most prominent in business right now, it's digital transformation. The internet boom that was predicted to happen at the turn of the millennium is finally well and truly underway.

Haycor Computer Solutions has been on the cutting edge of managed IT solutions for 15 years. The company, which provides state-of-the-art IT solutions, has recently been experiencing year-over-year growth of 40%. Haycor carefully selects clients, ranging from five-person accounting firms to multi-location companies with over 100 employees, and works diligently to provide each one with a bespoke solution. As such, it's retained status as a boutique IT firm that does far more than a run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter IT company.

“In recent years, the need for quality IT support has only increased. The importance of enhanced cyber security, cloud computing, and other technology to continue uninterrupted has become more and more important, especially with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic pushing remote work to unprecedented levels”, stated Jason Wachtel, Founder of Haycor Computer Solutions.

The internet is an incredible tool that has the power to connect global economies and inspire unprecedented growth. However, it's a vast network of seemingly endless complexity that requires specialty knowledge to get the most out of. With more small businesses opening up than ever before, the need for managed IT services has never been greater. Not every entrepreneur needs to become a technology expert — and very few have the time to spare. Outsourcing IT solutions is a savvy, modern way to ensure a company runs smoothly and operates with the utmost professionalism.

One of the best advancements in recent years has been the move from clunky, expensive and space-consuming servers to cloud computing. Being able to store swaths of data without needing to maintain a physical location is revolutionary when it comes to business, and the Haycor team has the skills to help decision-makers navigate this process. What's more, with company data tied up in the ether of the internet, backup and security is more important than ever, and it looks completely different compared to how it was a decade ago.

Perhaps the only drawback of the rapid technological advancement of recent years is the fact that the internet is a new space for criminals to operate in. With so many people's details stored on their computers and in cookies on company websites, cybersecurity isn't optional for any business that operates online.

Haycor has the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to guide clients seamlessly through the digital transformation process and currently serves businesses in Vaughan, York Region and the Greater Toronto Area.