Canada has several laws related to data protection, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the Personal Information Protection and Identity Theft Protection Act, which hasn't been implemented yet. Businesses in Canada are responsible for complying with these laws and protecting customer data against unauthorized access and misuse. Keep reading for more information on how to protect your business from common cybersecurity threats.

Email Security

Your employees use email daily, sometimes to transmit account numbers or other sensitive information to customers, vendors and other stakeholders. If your email system isn't secure, all that data is vulnerable to unauthorized access by third parties who might use it to steal identities or hack into financial accounts.

One way to improve email security is to install a gateway that protects your company's email accounts against phishing, spam and malware. Haycor Computer Solutions uses the Cyren email security gateway, a cloud-based solution that keeps your email system safe without the use of additional hardware. We can set up this gateway on your network to protect your business against account takeovers and other security threats.

Ransomware Protection

Viruses, Trojans, worms and other forms of ransomware can wreak havoc on your network, so it's best to identify them and stop them in their tracks before they can cause any damage. To keep your system secure, consider installing some type of real-time ransomware protection. Haycor Computer Solutions works with the SentinelOne system, a cloud-based tool that detects and quarantines threats before they can hurt your business.

Cloud-based ransomware protection has a distinct advantage over antivirus software: It gets updated regularly. That means a cloud-based system can detect the newest threats and quarantine them immediately. SentinelOne works with other tools to neutralize threats and prevent them from spreading to other areas of your network. Haycor Computer Solutions can install the SentinelOne system and make sure everyone on your team knows how to use it.

Identity Theft Detection

Identity theft is a serious problem in Canada, affecting 12.6 out of every 100,000 residents in 2019. Most people think of identity theft as a personal issue, but it can also affect businesses. If identity thieves gain access to your network, they can steal Social Insurance Numbers, bank account numbers and other data that can be used to open new lines of credit or commit crimes under someone else's name.

To combat identity theft, it's important to use a tool that conducts regular internet searches and notifies you of any compromised credentials. Haycor Computer Solutions recommends Dark Web ID, which uses human and artificial intelligence to scan forums, chat rooms, private networks and other sites for stolen passwords and other personal information. We can set up this system for you and advise you on creating password policies to make your employees' credentials harder to guess or crack with scripts.

DNS Security

The World Wide Web has leveled the playing field for small businesses, making it easier to connect with customers in multiple markets, sell products online, process financial transactions and recruit the most talented employees. Although there are many positive aspects of using the Web in a business context, your employees' internet usage can also put your company at risk. The right DNS security system can block inappropriate content and malicious websites, increasing security and helping your employees stay productive.

Haycor Computer Solutions recommends Cyren DNS Security, which offers real-time, cloud-based protection for website traffic at a single location or multiple locations for larger businesses. With Cyren DNS Security, you're in complete control of your network. Simply set up policies and apply them as needed; the system works on all devices, blocking threats no matter who's using the internet. As an added benefit, Cyren DNS Security ensures all employees comply with acceptable-use policies when using your system. The experienced professionals at Haycor are available to assess your current policies, create new ones and install Cyren DNS Security so your network has 24/7 protection.

Firewall Protection

A good firewall is the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your company's network. Without a firewall, it's much easier for hackers to access your data or even take over one of your devices, putting your system at risk. Several types of firewalls are available, but one of the most common is a packet layer, which analyzes the traffic on your network and looks for malicious code. Any time the firewall identifies a threat, it gets rid of it before it can infect your network, keeping your data secure. Haycor Computer Solutions has experienced IT professionals on hand to examine your network and recommend the right firewall for your needs.

Cybersecurity Help for Your Toronto-Area Business

Haycor Computer Solutions provides a wide range of IT and cybersecurity services to businesses in Vaughan, Toronto and the York region. Haycor can implement and manage a variety of cybersecurity solutions to protect you against viruses, dangerous websites, spam, phishing and malicious activity, preventing costly disruptions to your business. We can also assess your system and recommend just the right combination of cybersecurity solutions, creating a package that's tailored specifically to your needs.

To speak with one of the top security professionals in the industry about your cybersecurity needs, contact Haycor Computer Solutions at 905-707-6775. We can automate your cybersecurity plan, giving you more time to focus on your business.