Top Ways to Secure Your Engineering Firm's Technology Stack

Like most sectors of the business world, engineering firms rely more and more on technology with each passing day. This reliance on technology, however, comes with downsides to match the upsides of doing more with less and completing jobs faster than ever. For example, malware and ransomware have the potential to shut down segments of your technology stack, while phishing attacks and viruses may leave confidential information vulnerable to data thieves. Fortunately, for every threat to your technology stack that arises, Haycor Computer Solutions has a defense for engineering firms in the greater Toronto area.

Cybersecurity for Engineering Firm Technology Stacks

Your engineering firm's technology stack likely runs the gamut from tools that help with processing and storing data to apps that stream and analyze information. Many of these processes work in the background, making them easy to ignore when they're working well. Problems arise, however, when even a singular component of your technology stack becomes vulnerable to attack, since many of these processes work together for a common cause. This means attacks on your engineering firm's technology stack can hinder access to works-in-progress, which can affect client delivery times and cost your business both time and money.

Hacker Entry Points for Engineering Firms

The implementation of key technology keeps your engineering firm on the forefront of today's expectations. Whether you're integrating smart building devices or software to handle project management or building information modeling, however, you leave openings for hackers and data thieves to enter your systems simply due to internet connectivity. These openings for entry and a treasure trove of key information make your engineering firm a potentially lucrative target, whether you realize it or not. Intellectual property with the potential to reveal trade secrets to competitors needs a secure place to live, as do things like blueprints, banking information, employee data and virtual assets.

Risks of Poor Cybersecurity Practices

Cybersecurity issues such as these can not only limit your efficiency — or shut down your engineering firm entirely — but also damage relationships with clients and customers as well. Since you hold sensitive data when working on engineering projects, you may even be targeted by hackers and data thieves who want access to the secrets you hold for others. For these reasons, it's imperative to address cybersecurity issues before they become issues at all by utilizing all the defensive tools available to protect the integrity of your business's data and the information you store for others.

Reducing Technology Stack Vulnerabilities

At Haycor Computer Solutions, we know your business is engineering and not cybersecurity. That's why we do all the heavy lifting by reducing technology stack vulnerabilities so you can focus on what you do best. We start with antivirus programs as a first line of defense against data intrusion and pair that software with secure firewalls that block unauthorized entry and intrusion detection systems that let us know when bad actors breach key defenses. We also deploy spam filters and protection against phish attempts to reduce the risks of hackers tricking employees into revealing important information to potential data thieves.

Customized Cybersecurity Solutions

Get customized cybersecurity solutions for your engineering firms by using Haycor to protect your technology stack. For businesses in the Greater Toronto Area, we offer a combination of services you can tailor to precisely fit your needs, eliminating the need to add in-house employees to handle things such as IT management, cloud computing platforms, backups and disaster recovery. We also handle network security as well as cybersecurity, including protection against DDoS attacks, ransomware, zero-day attacks and brute force password attacks. Simply pick and choose the services you need and Haycor Computer Solutions has you covered. Our team of experts stands at the ready 24/7 with on- and off-site technical support when you need help securing your technology stack. 

Cybersecurity Advantages With Haycor

Outsourcing your cybersecurity needs to Haycor Computer Solutions offers a variety of advantages to engineering firms in the greater Toronto area. First, we perform external audits to discover any issues with hardware, software and firewall configurations and provide fixes that keep out data thieves. Next, we go over your current antivirus and antimalware systems, then update or upgrade them to match your current needs. We work with your engineering firm throughout this process, creating a personalized cybersecurity plan that protects your computers, websites and data from both external and internal threats. Lastly, we train your employees to recognize potential viruses, spyware and malware to further mitigate risk to your engineering firm due to phishing attacks.

Cybersecurity doesn't have to be an issue for your engineering firm when you have Haycor Computer Solutions protecting your essential technology stack. Serving the Greater Toronto area, including Ontario, Vaughan and York Region, our cybersecurity firm offers a free IT optimization plan to show you the weaknesses in your cyber-defenses and help you implement solutions that work for your company. Learn more about what Haycor Computer Solutions can do for your engineering firm by filling out our contact form or calling 905-707-6775.